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Six Flags Magic Mountain with a 3-year-old (trip report)

Recently, Magic Mountain was having a special promotion where if you purchased an adult season pass at the currently discounted $59 rate, they would give you a child’s season pass for free. We decided to go ahead and take advantage of the plan, since we live pretty close to the park and also because their season passes are good at all Six Flags parks and we have a June trip to Chicago planned. During that trip, we would like to visit Six Flags Great America , as that is one of the parks getting the new “Wiggles World” section, which our 3-year-old will probably get a big kick out of visiting.

The current annual pass deal also comes with a coupon book that includes a lot of rather nice bonus offers. The coupons included several merchandise and food discounts, several free guest-passes for taking non-season pass holding friends to the parks. These included 1 valid through May, one valid from July-December, and 1 valid at any other Six Flags park besides Magic Mountain. Obviously, these are not minor discount deals and they really do represent a pretty significant added value.

Since the tickets had to be purchased by the end of February to take advantage of the special offer, I actually bought them online several weeks ago. Today was the first opportunity we had to go up and get the tickets processed and spend an afternoon at the park. Right at the start, I really do have to give them points for having an exceptionally smooth and easy system in place for processing season passes that were purchased online ahead of time. They have a processing center outside the park that is specifically for online purchases and we walked in without any wait at all (same-day purchased passes, which would require more time for data entry, are processed inside the park). The whole process involved them scanning the bar-code on the ticket, taking a quick photo, and then handing you your pass. The process took all of about 2 minutes per pass. For our son’s free pass, I did have to sit down at a computer terminal and enter his information into the system, but once that was done the process was the same as for our passes. All in all, I think it was less than 10 minutes from the time we arrived at the processing center until we were ready to go into the park.

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