About this site

Welcome to the Bigbeaks Blog!

I’ve long enjoyed recreational writing and have created this site as a place to self-publish articles about whatever topic may strike my interests.

This will include discussions of movies, television programs, restaurants, theatrical events, concerts, or other forms of entertainment. It is also likely to include reviews of various computer software or electronic gadgets. Trip reports/reviews from vacations or visits to area theme parks and other destinations are also probable topics for this blog.

In addition to reviews, I’m sure that I will periodically write essays/articles on other topics that catch my attention enough to prompt me to site down and write. It is hard for me to predict what those topics may end up being, but it could be from any wide variety of subjects.

I honestly don’t know how frequently I will publish new material here. I like to express myself in writing, but I admit that I’m not the best at motivating myself to actually sit down and write something. As the parent of a toddler and also working a fairly demanding full-time job, finding that time can also sometimes be a challenge. I do have a fair amount of older writings (particularly movie reviews) that I’ve archived on my hard drive, so I may also use this blog to publish some of that material as well.

Of course, I really don’t have any idea how many people will actually be overly interested in this stuff. Like many blogs, I certainly realize that this site may exist mostly for my own satisfaction as well as an occasional medium for communicating with some of my family and closest friends. If it finds more of an audience than that, I suppose I’ll mostly just think of that as a nice bonus.

For those of you that do stumble on this blog, I definitely hope you enjoy what you read and I’ll always be interested in seeing your comments!

Jeff Graebner

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